About Us


After arriving in South Africa we quickly got bored of all the mainly bottom fermented beers available in the shops. We were looking for a beer that could really quench your thirst, especially on a long and hot summer day. For us the best beer for this purpose is half a liter of Weißbier (traditional unfiltered Bavarian style wheat beer) – the first beer we brewed in 2009.

It has been a long journey since than. We opened our tap room with our craft brewery in Stellenbosch on the DelVera farm. After having brewed there for more than five years, we moved out of those premisses for several reasons.


What we do now…

We are still very supportive for the South African beer industry and keep our passion for beer(culture). Now we will brew special batches as a gypsy brewer mainly for beer related events in the Western Cape.



Where to find us…?

If you want to keep updated about what we are brewing and where we are tapping, best way doing so is to follow us on the social media channels.

The Team

If you want to be part of the family (apply for a job), please get in touch with us (even though we don’t have any vacant positions at this stage).


You, as someone who have tasted a Zebonkey, are in charge of the quality! If you didn’t like our beer for whatever reason, please tell us. The only way we can improve is if we know what you like and don`t like. In case you like Zebonkey, you are obviously our most important team member, especially if you share Zebonkey with your friends!

Keep an eye out for our unfiltered beers with a German – South African twist to them.

Jan Schmidtborn

Jan is Zebonkey’s brewer. He is in charge of all technical and production matters at Zebonkey.

Mignonne Schmidtborn

Mignonne is the soul of Zebonkey. She is responsible for all organisational and marketing matters.